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According to COO Simon R. Sørensen, it is obvious why more and more companies wish to automate their palletising processes, considering the great value a company achieves by replacing manual handling with automated solutions.

With the large projects already started and some in the development phase, Dan Palletiser has plenty of work to do. And according to Dan Palletiser’s COO, it is hardly surprising that an increasing number of companies opt for the great value that automated palletising can provide.

- At the moment, we are working on a large number of exciting projects – in Denmark as well as abroad. I think it is safe to say that we are keeping the wheels turning, Simon R. Sørensen says.

He welcomes the high demand for Danish palletising systems, in Denmark as well as the rest of Europe, where several major projects headed by Dan Palletiser are currently well under way. At the moment, a large robot system for a Polish chicken slaughterhouse is being tested in our workshop in Vemmelev. The project was developed in a cooperation with BILA, who supplies the robot cell, whereas Dan Palletiser supplies the transport system.

- We have been on the Polish market for the past 20 years and have a strong and established brand there today. Moreover, we currently notice great interest from the Polish market. We have just won the contract for another large project in Poland, consisting of the supply of palletising systems to two different locations.

Automated palletising creates great value

However, not only the Polish market finds Dan Palletiser appealing. Denmark also has several projects in the pipeline. In England, the Netherlands and the Baltic countries, there is a demand for the Danish palletising system as well. Given the great benefit of automating the palletising process, this is no surprise, says Simon R. Sørensen.

- Automation of processes makes it possible to work around the clock without a labour force; consequently, our system eliminates labour costs as well as health risks, because our solutions ensure better working conditions for the staff, who can now focus on more productive tasks instead of manual palletising, he says to explain the value that Dan Palletiser creates for its customers.

- Automation of the palletising process generates enormous cost-effectiveness, as it not only improves the working environment, it also increases the company’s efficiency and capacity.

Simultaneously with the comprehensive sales activities, Dan Palletiser is also busy with a major project at its own site in Vemmelev. The company is about to merge the present two divisions into one large division when it moves to larger premises on Industrivej in Vemmelev at the end of April.

BILA wants to automate forklift trucks worldwide

BILA vil automatisere gaffeltrucks i hele verden

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