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Automation can fill labour shortages

A new study shows that UK businesses are facing difficulties in both finding and holding on to staff. If you ask us, this calls for an increased use of automation in the UK industry.

An article posted on onrec.com on 6th March wrote that a new employment and skills study from London First and Lloyds Banking Group shows that four in ten UK businesses are reporting increasing difficulties in holding on to staff. Moreover, six in ten employers are struggling to recruit the right people, and a third of the firms say that the skills gap is hampering their growth.

As a result of the labour challenges many businesses are forced to use temp agencies to provide staff paying not only the minimum wage, but also the agency fee.

According to Simon R. Sørensen, COO at Dan Palletiser, the labour shortage which many British and other European production companies are facing already now – and which others are also foreseeing – is an obvious opportunity to investigate the production flow automation potential.

Human resources can be used better

Dan Palletiser helps companies on a daily basis to automate their production flow, and automation may become extremely important when it comes to optimal use of the production staff – especially when labour is scarce.

- Through automation of product handling, companies will be able to relocate their human resources to other tasks where they are needed more. At the same time, the companies also take better care of their staff members because they are spared manual work in connection with, for instance, palletising, Simon R. Sørensen says.

He believes that increased automation is the proper way to meet the threatening labour shortage which is sensed extensively in the atmosphere within the industry. Where businesses used to benefit from cheap labour from abroad, there are now indications that this option will be limited gradually as conditions on the domestic labour markets, particularly in Eastern Europe, improve.

- We are facing a great demand for our palletising solutions. Previously, the main cause was a wish to increase the production capacity, but now we see an increasing number of companies wanting to automate the product handling processes because they cannot recruit skilled labour. Therefore, they want to make more appropriate use of their present human resources, claims Simon R. Sørensen.

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