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Arla Foods Rødkærsbro

Mozzarella around the clock with driverless forklift

AGV Scandinavia has delivered an AGV solution based on an electric driverless Linde forklift to Arla Foods in Rødkærsbro. The driverless truck drives its fixed routes in the warehouse, where it fetches pallets with stacked cardboard boxes and transports them securely to a conveyor belt, which then transports the pallet to a stretch-wrapping machine. The process only takes a few minutes and continues around the clock.

Utility in the value chain

It is essential to Arla to see the entire process as a complete value chain where each part contributes to increasing the value of the final delivery to the customers throughout the entire process. The AGV solution in the warehouse is perfectly in line with Arla’s intention to optimise the in-house flow of production, control, internal logistics, etc.

- The AGV solution is a good example of the utility of the overall production flow. The driverless truck generally looks after itself and drives from A to B without problems on the well-defined service routes. It is easy, simple and straightforward. We can effortlessly modify the route and other functions as well. Thus, the AGV solution is for example adaptable to driving longer routes or stacking in different ways, says team leader Allan Poulsen, Arla Foods in Rødkærsbro.

Sensors in play

The AGV finds its way based on installed sensors that communicate with other sensors along the route and on the conveyor belts. The truck is a standard Linde truck, which has been retooled with advanced hardware and software in the machine, making it capable of navigating in Arla’s warehouse according to a well-defined pattern. The route is set by manually taking the truck along the route and coding it based on some selected positions along the route.

More perspectives

The Linde AGV solution was put into service in December 2016, and the machine has worked impeccably since.

- We have had positive experiences with the AGV solution. We can see that it works when goods are to be moved in accordance with a fixed pattern. In this manner, it does its work and frees resource from the internal logistics. I see some perspectives in it, one of them is to extend its working range to include several locations in the warehouse, says team leader Allan Poulsen.

- Efficiency is paramount to the automated production in a food company like Arla. In addition, it is paramount that all processes of the overall production flow match, explains sales manager of AGV Scandinavia, Ricco Veile. He adds:

- The driverless AGV truck optimises the internal transport in the production and therefore carries out an important task within this flow. At the same time, the workers who used to handle the transport task can focus on more productive tasks.

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